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Wednesday, 28.02.2024
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Pol J Cosmetol 2022, 25(1): 25-43pladd to cart

Polish cosmetology journals since 1996

Lena Czapowska, Anna Pawełczyk, Lucjusz Zaprutko

Katedra i Zakład Chemii Organicznej, Wydział Farmaceutyczny, Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu

Introduction. Scientific journals, in the paper or electronic form, are one of the most popular and important means of dissemination of information in all branches of science. This way of presentation of information has a particular significance in the area of cosmetology as journals devoted to this branch of science are read not only by professionals, but also amateurs, hobbyists and users of cosmetics. That is why this form of popularization of knowledge has an exceptionally important role in professional education, dissemination of information and thus, shaping further development.
Aim. To provide a review and assessment of the contents, type of presentation of information and potential readers of Polish journals of cosmetology, issued in the last 25 years.
Material and methods. Material for analysis was collected on the basis of the catalogue of the Central Polish Library, NUKAT database and internet websites. A few excluding criteria were used, the main criterion was the time of publication. The beginning of data collection was the date of launching courses in cosmetology at universities. The journals were assessed on the basis of subjective analysis of the contents of a representative number of issues of each journal. Results of the analysis are presented and summarized verbally and in numbers.
Results. In 1996 the number of journals was 10. In 2021 this number increased to 14. The highest number of journals, 22, were issued in the years 2002-2004. Only 7 journals remained on the market for at least 20 years and only 10 are scientific journals. According to the frequency of appearance, by far most of the journals are quarterlies. The advertisements occupy 10-30% of the contents. The advertisements are mainly presented in a graphical form, sometimes in the form of commercial information.
Conclusions. Over the first decade of the 21st century, a dynamic development of cosmetology periodical journals has been observed. There are two distinct types of periodicals, one of scientific without advertisements and the other type of professional, illustrated with informative and promoting materials with much richer graphic and editorial level. The group of professional journals are addressed to different target readers. It may be supposed that the trend of issuing journals addressed to a clearly defined group of readers will grow and the paper journals will be phased out by electronic ones.

Key words: cosmetology journals, cosmetic press, scientific journals, professional magazines, cosmetology, household chemicals, periodicals