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Thursday, 15.04.2021
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Pol J Cosmetol 2006, 9(1): 35-43pl,enadd to cart

Selected physicochemical parameters and application properties of market mouthwash preparations

Justyna Kołodziejska, Aneta Berner-Strzelczyk

Zakład Technologii Postaci Leku, Katedra Farmacji Stosowanej Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi

Introduction. Fluoride liquids for oral cavity rinsing are helpful agents used in caries prophylaxis. The aim of the study was to assess physicochemical parameters of market mouthwash preparations containing sodium fluoride and interpretation of the obtained results as regards application, care and therapeutic properties of the tested group of products.
Material and methods. 12 market liquids for oral cavity rinsing were subjected to tests. Viscosity parameters were tested with digital cone-plate rheometer. The density was estimated with pyknometric method and surface tension measurements were performed by stalagmometric method. pH was determined by potentiometric method.
Results and discussion. Colgate Plax Herbal mouthwash has the highest viscosity (4,41 mPa*s at shear rate 1575 l/s). High viscosity values were also determined for Colgate Plax Cool Mint (3,80 mPa*s) and for Oral B Advantae (3,19 mPa*s) and Pearl Drops (3,07 mPa*s).
Kin mouthwash has the highest density in the group of the tested preparations, it can also be diluted (1,032 g/ml).
The values of surface tension of mouthwash preparations are within the limits: 32,04-44,10 mN/m.
The pH values of the tested preparations are within the limits 5,59-7,16. The most alkaline pH, higher than the values 5,5 are in the following mouthwashes: Aquafresh Original (7,16) and Colgate Plax Cool Mint (7,06).
Conclusion High viscosity decides on the longer time of contact with the site of application, which increases pharmaceutical availability of therapeutic agents contained in the preparation. In the group of the tested products the highest viscosity was detected in Colgate Plax Herbal containing components of anticarietic and anti-inflammatory activity. The density of the tested mouthwash does not differ basically and is within the limits 0,975-1,032 g/ml. The values of surface tension do not diverge from the limits accepted as physiological. The values of pH of these preparations are higher than the critical value below which there comes to enamel demineralization (5,5).

Key words: mouthwash, sodium fluoride, viscosity, density, surface tension, pH