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Wednesday, 28.09.2022
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Pol J Cosmetol 2007, 10(3): 166-174pl,enadd to cart

Effect of external factors, eating habits, stimulants and cosmetics on the development and progression of rosacea

Barbara Raszeja-Kotelba, Ingrid Dadej-Michalska

Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa Pielęgnacji Zdrowia i Urody w Poznaniu

Introduction. Aetiopathogenesis of rosacea has not been as yet explicitly defined and its conditions are complex and multifactorial.
Aim. In the study we attempted to assess the effect of some environmental factors, eating habits, stimulants, cosmetics on the development or exacerbation of symptoms in rosacea.
Material and methods. The survey was conducted amongst 170 individual who suffer from rosacea. Patients replied questions given in the questionnaire and were put through subjective and objective dermatological and ophthalmological examination.
Results. Rosacea was found in 160 women and 64 men. Average patients´ age was 49 years. In 69% of patients were observed ocular rosacea. It was found that more than 60% of women and men had been in stressful situations; approximately 50% people of both sexes were at risk of radiation exposure. Various of face cosmetics and cleansers, stimulant and habitually drinking warm beverages were basic external factorsthat exacerbated symptoms of rosacea.
Conclusion. The prevention and treatment of rosacea should involve informing patients about the negative effects of some agents and life style.

Key words: rosacea, environmental factors, eating habits, addictions, excessive usage of skin cleansers and creams, cosmetics