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Sunday, 27.11.2022
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Pol J Cosmetol 2010, 13(2): 92-98pl,enadd to cart

Aloe hand creams

Teresa Bujak, Marian M. Zgoda, Kazimiera H. Bodek

Katedra Farmacji Stosowanej, Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi

Aloe extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and light-protective properties. It is one of the plants most frequently used in creams for dry skin care. Aloe (Aloe Arborescens Mill.) owing to the content of proteolytic enzymes removes dead epidermal cells creating space for new ones. It has regenerating activity, accelerates collagen production and may six to eight times quicken fibroblasts formation, which is especially important in the case of dry skin. Aloe also moisturizes the skin perfectly, particularly in combination with other substances e.g. vegetable oils. Basing on dry extract of aloe, there has been worked out a technology of several aloe creams taking into account their enrichment with other oiling and moisturizing components to regenerate and nourish hand skin.
Aim. To determine pharmaceutical availability of aloenin in freshly produced creams containing a dry extract of fresh aloe leaves (Aloe Arborescens Mill.). The effect was also estimated of the vehicle components used in creams on aloenin release from the tested model creams.
Material and methods. A technology of several creams for dry hand skin has been worked out. An analysis of aloenin pharmaceutical availability was performed in the tested creams with static method based on the dialysis of an active substance through semipermeable Tomofan membrane in Mutimer apparatus. In chemical quantitative analysis a direct spectrophotometric method was used to define active substances converted to aloenin. The pharmaceutical availability of the tested creams was determined with biopharmaceutical parameters i.e. constants of release (k) and half time of release (t50%).
Results. The content of aloenin in the analysed material allows to include this compound to dominating ones in the clinical composition of Aloe Arborescens plants grown in greenhouses of Herbal Works "Phytopharm"S.A.inw Klęka. On the basis of aloenin release from aloe creams, the usefulness of the suggested vehicles applied in the model creams was also tested.
Conclusions. The selected Tomofan dialysis membrane gave comparable results in the determinations of pharmaceutical availability and it is very useful in the testing of pharmaceutical availability of aloenin from the investigated creams. Introduction of water (moisturizing) and oiling protect skin by strengthening the damaged lipid coat, closing microfissures and eliminating skin cracks [4].

Key words: Aloe, Aloe Arborescens, aloe creams, aloe hand creams, pharmaceutical availability, aloenin