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Monday, 24.02.2020
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Pol J Cosmetol 2010, 13(4): 242-257pl,enadd to cart

Profile of competency requirements in the profession of a cosmetologist

Jana Krzysztoszek 1/, Monika Matecka 2/

1/ Katedra i Zakład Farmakoekonomiki i Farmacji Społecznej Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
2/ Zakład Organizacji i Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu

Introduction. Rising customer expectations in relation to the professional competencies of cosmetologists and dynamically changing environment at the beauty services´ market, present a growing number of challenges to this profession.
Aim. The objective of this paper was to define professional competencies, which - according to customers - a cosmetologist offering services at a beauty salon, should possess.
Materials and methods. The study comprised 158 regular beauty salon customers nation-wide. A survey method applied was that of the use of a questionnaire (attached to this paper) specially prepared for the study purposes.
Results. According to the customers surveyed for this study most important professional competencies include, within the scope of skills, a proper choice of a cosmetic treatment (28% of respondents´ answers), whereas, within the scope of knowledge, a reliable and up-to-date cosmetology knowledge (42% of respondents´ answers). 16% of respondents stated that responsibility is the most significant personality attribute of a cosmetologist. Taking into account appearance and physical features, cleanliness is of greatest significance (35% of indications), whereas as far as behavioural characteristics perceived by the customers are concerned, washing hands before and after each treatment is regarded as being particularly significant.
Conclusions. 1. The most important professional competencies of a cosmetologist are as follows: technical competencies and specific skills enabling a correct choice and performance of a treatment as well as obtaining a desired nurturing effect. 2. Competency profile of a cosmetologist should also include: cognitive, linguistic and social competencies. 3. Personality attributes and behavioural characteristics, which build customer´s sense of security and psychophysical comfort, are an important element of a cosmetologist´s professional image.

Key words: cosmetologist, professional competencies, profile