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Wednesday, 28.09.2022
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Pol J Cosmetol 2012, 15(4): 212-222pl,enadd to cart

Glucosamine - properties, the pharmacological and therapeutic use. Part 3. Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion (ADME) and review of analytical studies on glucosamine

Cecylia Mielczarek, Elżbieta Brzezińska, Dorota Kusztal

Zakład Chemii Analitycznej, Katedra Chemii Medycznej Wydziału Farmaceutycznego Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi

Glucosamine is always a subject of many studies used more and more new drugs to stimulate the need to seek new methods for its determination. It is important to both the determination of glucosamine in different preparations as well as in the human body. Various methods and techniques are used to study the various changes and governing processes of glucosamine in the human body: absorption, bioavailability, distribution, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, excretion and toxicity. In these processes is also important to understanding interactions with other drugs glucosamine.

Key words: glucosamine, pharmacokinetics, analytical methods