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Sunday, 01.10.2023
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Pol J Cosmetol 2016, 19(1): 12-17pladd to cart

Allantoin - biological activity and cosmetic application

Jacek Arct, Paulina Depta

Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa Kosmetyki i Pielęgnacji Zdrowia w Warszawie

Describes the characteristics of allantoin, its activty and use in cosmetology. The main pharmacological action of allantoin is to stimulate cell proliferation and support for granulation. In thee pharmacy allantoin is used in cure of ulcers, burns and wounds difficult to heal. It is particularly effective when used externally.
In cosmetology allantoin is present in many products for reasons of anti-irritant, soothing, keratolytic and moisturizing activity. It is entirely non-toxic, non-irritating, compatible with the other ingredients of cosmetics and active at low concentrations.

Key words: allantoin, allantoin derivatives, skin irriations, proliferation, scars