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Saturday, 16.10.2021
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Pol J Cosmetol 2021, 24(1): 16-24pladd to cart

Importance of common vervain (Verbena officinalis L.) in phytocosmetology

Paweł Kubica 1/, Agnieszka Szopa 1/, Karolina Turcza 1/, Karolina Jafernik 1/, Maria Łuczkiewicz 2/, Halina Ekiert 1/

1/ Katedra i Zakład Botaniki Farmaceutycznej, Wydział Farmaceutyczny, Collegium Medicum Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
2/ Katedra i Zakład Farmakognozji z Ogrodem Roślin Leczniczych, Wydział Farmaceutyczny z Oddziałem Medycyny Laboratoryjnej, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny

Verbena officinalis L. - common vervain (Verbenaceae) is a medicinal plant species widely distributed in the world, known both in traditional medicine and in the modern phytotherapy and phytocosmetology. The monograph "Verbenae herba" (Verbena herb) was included in the European Pharmacopoeia for the first time in 2008.
The paper presents a short botanical, chemical and pharmacological characteristics of the species, focusing on the activity profiles important in cosmetology and dermatology. Verbena herb is mainly a rich source of: iridoids, phenylpropanoid glycosides, phenolic acids, flavonoids, terpenoids and essential oil. In modern phytotherapy, verbena herb is used as a raw material with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, secretolytic and expectorant properties. Scientific researchers confirm also other medicinal properties of this raw material.
The aim of the article is to draw attention to the valuable cosmetic advantages of this species resulting from the proven by professional pharmacological studies antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities of extracts from various parts of the plant or essential oil, as well as valuable sensory properties of the essential oil. The species is listed in the CosIng database elaborated by the European Commission in as many as 11 forms. It is a component of numerous cosmetics offered mainly by European and American cosmetic companies.

Key words: common vervain, chemical composition, biological activity studies, cosmetic applications