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Wednesday, 28.02.2024
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Review papers
●  Coenzyme Q10 - properties and application in cosmetics 2-6pl,en  add to cart
  Elżbieta Potargowicz, Magdalena Staniszewska, Ewa Szerszenowicz
●  Herbal materials and treatments used in facial skin care - overall review 7-18pl,en  add to cart
  Krzysztof Jędrzejko, Wojciech Woszczyk
●  Sweet clover application in pharmaceutics and cosmetics 19-25pl,en  add to cart
  Joanna Borowiecka, Patrycja Jaśkiewicz

Original papers
●  Application of QSAR analysis in cosmetology. Part I 26-34pl,en  add to cart
  Dorota Kusztal, Piotr Włodno
●  Selected physicochemical parameters and application properties of market mouthwash preparations 35-43pl,en  add to cart
  Justyna Kołodziejska, Aneta Berner-Strzelczyk
●  Evaluation of the efficacy of copper lactobionate and copper lactate in preparations for personal hygiene 44-49pl,en  add to cart
  Aleksandra Pietrzak, Piotr Wysocki, Eligia M. Szewczyk
●  Evaluation of sensitivity and condition of the skin with aging symptoms during and after phonophoresis with the hydrogel containing bilberries 50-53pl,en  add to cart
  Jarosława Jarosz

Industry, products, interventions
●  Tenth anniversary of formation of the first in Poland cosmetological studies at Medical Academy and Medical University in Lodz 54-55pl  add to cart
  Dorota Niewiadomska-Możdżan, Marcin Możdżan
●  Professional cosmetics produced by ZIAJA company. Part.2. Cleansing programme for dry and normal skin 56-61pl,en  add to cart
  Marzena Glinka, Mirella Hatlapa
●  Polyethylene powder produced by DISPLEN company - new abrasive substance for peeling 62-66pl,en  add to cart
  Marcin Osowski
●  Vit-A-Like - a botanical alternative to retinol 67-68pl,en  add to cart