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Thursday, 15.04.2021
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Review papers
●  Glucosamine - properties, pharmacological activity and application in medicine. Part 1. Diseases of locomotor organs and glucosamine - its occurrence, acquisition, biosynthesis in the human organism, and physicochemical properties 78-84pl,en  add to cart
  Dorota Kusztal, Elżbieta Brzezińska, Cecylia Mielczarek
●  Clay minerals and zeolites in cosmetic 85-94pl,en  add to cart
  Agnieszka Markiewicz, Barbara Jachymska-Sarbak, Zenon Sarbak
●  Estrogens and the skin biology. Part I 95-104pl,en  add to cart
  Katarzyna Adamczyk, Magdalena Jurzak
●  Estrogens and the skin biology. Part II 105-116pl,en  add to cart
  Katarzyna Adamczyk, Magdalena Jurzak
●  History of hairdressing. Great hairdressers - Antoni Cierplikowski 117-122pl,en  add to cart
  Wojciech J. Baranowski
●  Practical considerations in cosmetology 123-131pl,en  add to cart
  Ewa Szmaj

Original papers
●  Evaluation of the aesthetic results of posttraumatic scars surgical treatment 132-138pl,en  add to cart
  Bogusław Antoszewski, Anna Kasielska
●  Embedding of a part of the ornament to surrounding tissues as a rare complication after body piercing - report of 3 cases 139-145pl,en  add to cart
  Bogusław Antoszewski, Anna Kasielska, Marta Fijałkowska
●  Aloe creams for atopic skin 146-153pl,en  add to cart
  Teresa Bujak, Marian M. Zgoda