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Friday, 17.01.2020
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Review papers
●  The application of therapy of cold in cosmetology, wellness and dermatology 216-223pl,en  add to cart
  Anna Deda, Sławomir Wilczyński, Barbara Pilawa, Ewa Pierzchała
●  Potential adverse effects of niacin therapy and supplementation 224-230pl,en  add to cart
  Paweł Paśko
●  Kombucha as a modern active component used in cosmetic recipe 231-234pl,en  add to cart
  Daria Kaczmarczyk, Stanisław Lochyński

Original papers
●  Striae gravidarum - risk factors and prevention 235-241pl,en  add to cart
  Bogusław Antoszewski, Marta Fijałkowska, Anna Zarębska, Anna Kasielska
●  Profile of competency requirements in the profession of a cosmetologist 242-257pl,en  add to cart
  Jana Krzysztoszek, Monika Matecka
●  Analysis of a Chypre perfume products by GC/MS 258-269pl,en  add to cart
  Joanna Borowiecka, Wiktor Wesołowski, Marta Kozłowska-Lewecka
●  Macro- and microelements in cosmetics 270-279pl,en  add to cart
  Lidia Chrząstek, Barbara Dondela