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Monday, 10.08.2020
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Review papers
●  Acne vulgaris. Part I. Preventive actions and natural possibilities to relieve dermatosis 170-175pl  add to cart
  Halina Bojarowicz, Karolina Kulka, Jerzy Krysiński
●  Acne vulgaris. Part II. Acne skin care - ingredients of optimal cosmetics 176-181pl  add to cart
  Karolina Kulka, Halina Bojarowicz, Jerzy Krysiński
●  Review of dermocosmetics and cosmetic procedures used in the anti-acne treatment 182-187pl  add to cart
  Klaudia Krok, Agnieszka Garncarczyk, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Paweł Antończak
●  Application of honey in cosmetology and medicine 188-193pl  add to cart
  Anna Borecka
●  Wipes for cleaning and disinfecting hands 194-201pl  add to cart
  Beata W. Domagalska
●  Needle mesotherapy - application, techniques, precautions 202-207pl  add to cart
  Katarzyna Urtnowska-Joppek, Ewa Gaweł

Original papers
●  Manuka honey as a prescription component of currently used therapeutic and revitalizing cosmetic preparations 208-216pl  add to cart
  Marian M. Zgoda, Andrzej Stańczak, Anna Pham, Justyna Kołodziejska, Sławomira Nowak, Zbigniew Marczyński
●  Alkaline soaps. Part II. Prescription composition of selected core and pediatric soaps used in hygiene care as well as in the treatment of some skin diseases 217-225pl  add to cart
  Marian M. Zgoda, Andrzej Stańczak, Agnieszka Kolińska, Sławomira Nowak, Zbigniew Marczyński
●  Microemulsions of Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil 226-233pl  add to cart
  Beata W. Domagalska, Tatiana Dworieckaja
●  Problems of dry skin found in people of cosmetic parlors 234-241pl  add to cart
  Ałła Aleksiejczuk, Zofia I. Sadowska, Wiaczesław Niczyporuk
●  Influence of rhinoplasty procedure on self-esteem and self-confidence 242-245pl  add to cart
  Katarzyna Jakubiec, Bogusław Antoszewski
●  Practice of obtaining informed consent for invasive cosmetology procedures 246-251pl  add to cart
  Waldemar Głusiec, Małgorzata Łukasiak