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Monday, 08.03.2021
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Review papers
●  Essential trace elements (microelements) in cosmetological applications 132-144pl  add to cart
  Maciej Rutkowski, Donata Kowalczyk
●  Amino acids penetration and permeation through the skin 145-150pl  add to cart
  Magdalena Krulikowska, Jacek Arct, Anna Lembas, Monika Grzybowska
●  Use of hyaluronic acid biocomponents in cosmetology and tissue engineering 151-153pl  add to cart
  Magdalena I. Daszkiewicz, Gabriela P. Daszkiewicz
●  Formaldehyde and its donors - contact allergy 154-158pl  add to cart
  Jacek Arct, Aurelia Chartonowicz, Katarzyna Pytkowska

Original papers
●  Products of the catalytic oxyethylation of ketoprofen as new potential prodrugs 159-165pl  add to cart
  Marian M. Zgoda, Michał K. Kołodziejczyk, Michał Nachajski, Marek Lukosek, Jacek Kosno, Sławomira Nowak
●  Extracts of algae and medicinal plants (pharmacopoeial plants) in skin care and revitalizing cosmetic preparations 166-177pl  add to cart
  Marian M. Zgoda, Janina Czarna-Badzioch, Sławomira Nowak, Justyna Kołodziejska, Zbigniew Marczyński
●  Evaluation of the expression of CCND1 and p21 genes in normal and keloid fibroblsts treated with ellagic acid 178-183en  add to cart
  Agnieszka Garncarczyk
●  Effectiveness of botulin toxin in the treatment of hyperhidrosis 184-187pl  add to cart
  Jan Rykała, Marta Lepiorz, Marta Fijałkowska
●  Preservatives in the toiletries on the Polish market 188-192en  add to cart
  Jacek Arct, Aleksandra Słyk, Katarzyna Pytkowska, Martyna Makowska
●  Patchouli oil, evaluation of hedonic quality and adulteration 193-197pl  add to cart
  Marek Chyc