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Sunday, 14.07.2024
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© Pol J Cosmetol 2015, 18(3)

Review papers
●  Potential of plant cell culture as a source of bioactive compounds for cosmetic applications 170-175pl  add to cart
  Małgorzata Kikowska, Agata Nahorska, Barbara Thiem
●  Care of the skin affected by acne 176-183pl  add to cart
  Iza Iwan-Ziętek, Jolanta Wesołowska, Roger Ziętek, Mariola Marchlewicz
●  Amino acids and protein hydrolysate in cosmetics 184-190pl  add to cart
  Julia Hałupka, Elżbieta Studzińska-Sroka, Wiesława Bylka
●  Selected active substances in mesotherapy treatments 191-196pl  add to cart
  Monika Morąg, Marzena Glinka, Iwona Jokiel
●  Cosmetology against the hyperandrogenic related skin changes 197-203en  add to cart
  Małgorzata Kwiatkowska, Magdalena Maciąg, Magdalena Rost-Roszkowska
●  Ectoin in cosmetics 204-207pl  add to cart
  Halina Zaporowska, Rafał Szymanowski

Original papers
●  The comparative qualitative and quantitative analysis of selected components of high quality perfumes from oriental line and theirs substitutes using GC/MS technique 208-214pl  add to cart
  Karolina Boryna, Wiktor Wesołowski, Joanna Borowiecka
●  Investigation of cosmetologic properties of amorphous and diamond carbon powders for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry 215-222pl  add to cart
  Mirella Batory, Katarzyna Mitura
●  Assessment of the skin condition after collagen supplementation in reference to results of an apparatus measuring the moisture content of the skin 223-226pl  add to cart
  Violetta Tomaszewicz, Jacek J. Klawe, Maria Chrzanowska
●  Biopharmaceutical evaluation of preparations with hydrocortisone 227-230pl  add to cart
  Anna Czajkowska-Kośnik, Paulina Kamińska, Katarzyna Winnicka
●  The evaluation of methods to prepare prescription ointments with salicylic acid 231-235pl  add to cart
  Anna Czajkowska-Kośnik, Ewelina Karpiej, Katarzyna Winnicka
●  The effect of chemical composition of Eucerin Hypersensitive dermocosmetics on their declared caring properties for hypersensitive and rosacea-prone skin 236-240pl  add to cart
  Paulina Malinowska
●  Microbiological research of products of biotransformation of tea 241-246pl  add to cart
  Daria Kaczmarczyk, Stanisław Lochyński
●  Implementation of the educational program "Healthy breasts are OK!" in the prevention of breast cancer among cosmetology students 247-253pl  add to cart
  Joanna Klonowska