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ISSN 1731-0083
Thursday, 13.06.2024
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Polish Journal of Cosmetology

covered by a scientific patronage of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society

The quarterly Polish Journal of Cosmetology is a scientific magazine containing, in Polish and English versions, review and original articles on physical, chemical and biological aspects of cosmetology and related domains, such as: dermatology, immunology, microbiology, chemistry and sensorics. Besides, the quarterly includes articles which present some cosmetical companies with their technological achievements, products and cosmetic procedures.
This quarterly is dedicated to people involved in the research within interdisciplinary cosmetology and to those practising cosmetology, as well as to dermatologists and producers in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

It is distributed by:
  • subscription (beauticians, beauty parlours, dermatological and cosmetic studios, companies, scientific libraries, researchers);
  • medical bookshops;
  • higher cosmetological studies;
  • participation in conferences, congresses, and fairs.

The quarterly is included into the base of scientific magazines Index Copernicus with
ICV 57.47 and 5 scores MEiN.