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Thursday, 13.06.2024
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Information for Readers

The annual subscription is 100 PLN, single issue is 25 PLN. The subscription orders are accepted by regular mail as well as at the e-mail at the address of Publisher.

Permissions. Correspondence regarding permission to reprint all or part of any article published in this journal should be addressed to Publisher. The ideas and opinions expressed in Polish Journal of Cosmetology do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor or the Publisher. The Publisher does not assume any responsibility for advertisements mention in Polish Journal of Cosmetology.

Information for authors

Papers accepted for publication in the quarterly Polish Journal of Cosmetology should not be previously published elsewhere. They should present fundamental topics or provide information on novel products or techniques. The original and fundamental papers will be refereed. A complete manuscript on a diskette and two hard copies should be submitted to the journal editor. The editor reserves the right to make abridgments and amendments which will not change the value of the paper. Manuscripts that will not satisfy the below requirements will be returned to authors for correction. The authors bear responsibility for the content and opinions presented in the papers and announcements.

Copyright. By submitting a paper to the editor, authors thereby confirm the original form of the papers, which means that the copyright or any other rights of property of the third party are not violated nor the paper has been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. After publishing the paper, the authors transfer the copyright to Publisher. In the case of reprints from other journals the authors are obliged to warrant permission from respective editors. In the case of reprints from other journals the author must get permission of relevant editors.

Papers in the quarterly Polish Journal of Cosmetology will be published in Polish or English.

A manuscript (in Polish or English version) should be prepared in an electronic form.

Title of the paper (in both versions) should be concise. A subtitle is acceptable. The title is followed by names of authors, including first names, and affiliations. The main author and address for correspondence should be given.

Summary (in both Polish and English) should include 150-250 words. It (for original papers) must be structured within introduction, aim, material and methods, results and conclusion parts.

Key words (in both Polish and English) - should not exceed 7 key words.

The paper itself should be written in a concise and clear way; no jargon words or phrases are acceptable. The text should be divided into paragraphs. Latin names, e.g. of microorganisms and foreign words should be written in italics. At the end of paper a short summary should be given.

Abbreviations, symbols and units. Only generally known abbreviations may be left unexplained. Less known abbreviations and symbols must be explained when used for the first time in the text. No abbreviations are acceptable in the title. SI units are recommended; however, also other generally used units (l, min, h, °C, Da, cal). are accepted.

Figures (drawings, chemical formulas, photographs) should be numbered and described on the back. Figure captions may be inserted at the appropriate point of the text. If figures are taken from published sources, the author must get appropriate editor's approval to publish them. Acknowledgment should be given at the end of the caption for such a figure. Colour figures can be printed but each time this should be agreed with the editor. Drawingsshould be prepared using tools existing in word processors, in Excel or specialist editors e.g. CorelDraw or Designer. Figures drawn professionally in black India ink on white paper are also acceptable. Chemical formulas should be written using appropriate editors, e.g. ChemWindow, Isis Draw.Photographs must be of high quality. The editor reserves the right to accept photographs for printing.

References should be quoted subsequently in the text in square brackets [1, 2]. Unpublished data can be referred to giving the source of information in brackets in the text. Each reference should include:

Author's name and initial(s). Title. Abbreviated title of journal. Year, Volume, (Number): pages.

Books should be quoted as follows: Author's name and initial(s). Title (of chapter). [in:] Title (of book). Author's name and initial(s) of editor (Ed). Publisher, Place of publication Year: pages.

1. Petersen R, Reihold W. New development in silicones. Cosmet &Toil 1997, 112(8): 65-70.
2. Smith E, Gray SD, et al. Frequency and effects of teachers’ voice problems. J Voice 1997, 11(1): 81-87.
3. Kawiak J, Warchoł J i wsp. Transport przez błony biologiczne. [w:] Podstawy cytofizjologii. Kawiak J, Olszewska M, Warchoł J (red). PWN Warszawa 1995: 79-91.