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Wednesday, 17.04.2024
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In recent years the interest in cosmetological education has increased significantly. After 1989, the change in our country's economic policy and a wider opening of borders made many cosmetological companies undertake cooperation with cosmetological world. This initiated a rapid development of Polish cosmetology and created a demand for educating the staff for the cosmetological trade. The contemporary cosmetologist who applies modern cosmetics at the beauty parlour should exhibit a comprehensive medical knowledge. After all, cosmetology is not merely dermatology but also immunology, allergology, cosmetic materials chemistry, technology of cosmetic forms etc. Facing these needs, an initiative arose to launch Higher Vocational Cosmetological Studies at Medical Universities, as well as specialized schools of physiotherapy and cosmetology. Due to numerous discussions among medical academics, in 1997 the Higher Vocational Cosmetological Studies were launched at the Medical University of Łódź, whereas in 1999 - at the Collegium Medicum of University in Bydgoszcz. In the same year the Higher School of Physiotherapy, with specialty in cosmetology, was founded in Wroclaw. In 2004 the faculty of cosmetology was launched at the Medical University in Poznan and at the Medical University of Silesia in Bytom.

By virtue of a resolution adopted (on 1 July 2004) by the Senate, Medical University of Lodz, the Higher Vocational Cosmetological Studies were transformed into the Division of Cosmetology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and since academic year 2005/2006 they have been conducted as intramural, extramural and evening studies.

The Master's studies, conducted in the past two years at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University of Łódź, were transferred to the Faculty of Pharmacy. The initiative to launch a new specialty was aimed at a possibility to remove the cosmetological profession from the craft status into a freelance profession subjected to the Ministry of Health, as it was during the interwar 20 years' period. The highly qualified cosmetological staff will then become a valuable partner for skillful physicians specialized in dermatology, which surely gives more possibilities for those waiting for a complex and modern medical assistance.