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Sunday, 14.07.2024
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Pol J Cosmetol 2021, 24(4): 260-264pladd to cart

Sanitary and epidemiological standards in beauty salons

Natalia Jurkanis, Beata Szmigiel-Merena, Katarzyna Jacyszyn, Daria Kaczmarczyk, Stanisław Lochyński

Instytut Kosmetologii, Wyższa Szkoła Fizjoterapii z siedzibą we Wrocławiu

Introduction. The work focuses on sanitary and epidemiological standards in cosmetological cabinets. It presents the standards of performing procedures, what processes the tools undergo before being used for the procedure, how to keep hygiene and safety rules in beauty salons.
Aim. The aim of the study was to assess the application of sanitary and epidemiological standards in beauty salons.
Material and method. The study was conducted in March 2021 on a group of 30 cosmetologists with experience of working in at least two beauty salons in Lower Silesia. The research method was a questionnaire.
Results. The entire research group is aware of the differences between disinfection and sterilization processes, unlike their employers. The vast majority of respondents admitted that they worked with instruments that were not sterilized, but only disinfected. Some of them admitted that their employers ordered to pretend to the client that the equipment had undergone the sterilization process. Over half of the respondents confirmed that they had been instructed by an employer to reuse single-use material. Employers of respondents overtly spared on disinfection or sterilization products.
Conclusions. Results indicate that sanitary and epidemiological standards in beauty salons are not always properly followed.

Key words: hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, sanitary and epidemiological standards