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Sunday, 14.07.2024
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Review papers
●  The epidermis keratinization - the effect of keratinocytes proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis 146-155pl,en  add to cart
  Katarzyna Gojniczek, Magdalena Jurzak, Marta Boryka, Agnieszka Garncarczyk
●  The use of yeast in cosmetics 156-165pl,en  add to cart
  Marzena Glinka, Iwona Kępka

Original papers
●  Effect of external factors, eating habits, stimulants and cosmetics on the development and progression of rosacea 166-174pl,en  add to cart
  Barbara Raszeja-Kotelba, Ingrid Dadej-Michalska
●  Application tests of copper lactobionate 175-180pl,en  add to cart
  Aleksandra Pietrzak-Gadzka
●  Utilisation of the technique applied for transdermal therapeutic systems for the assessment of pharmaceutical availability of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin from preparations Kapsiplast® and Kapsiplast Plus® 181-188pl,en  add to cart
  Michał K. Kołodziejczyk, Jan Wnuk, Agnieszka Studzińska, Marian M. Zgoda
●  Chitosan in the prescription of anti-inflammatory ointments with ketoprofen 189-198pl,en  add to cart
  Magdalena Piechota-Urbańska
●  The assessment of efficacy of cosmetics with dry extract of yeast in procedures improving the appearance of skin with striae 199-203pl,en  add to cart
  Marzena Glinka, Iwona Kępka

Industry, products, interventions
●  Professional cosmetics produced by ZIAJA company. Part. 8. Exfoliation programme 204-216pl,en  add to cart
  Mirella Batory, Marzena Glinka
●  Green Chemical Solutions by Cognis: going "green" on different levels 217-219pl,en  add to cart