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Sunday, 14.07.2024
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Review papers
●  Glucosamine - properties, pharmacological action and application in treatment. Part II. Glucosamine - clinical study, pharmacological action and available preparations 72-81pl,en  add to cart
  Cecylia Mielczarek, Elżbieta Brzezińska, Dorota Kusztal
●  Complications after chemical peel procedures 82-87pl,en  add to cart
  Arleta Macierzyńska
●  History of hairdressing - Hans Schwarzkopf 88-91pl,en  add to cart
  Wojciech J. Baranowski

Original papers
●  Aloe hand creams 92-98pl,en  add to cart
  Teresa Bujak, Marian M. Zgoda, Kazimiera H. Bodek
●  Tanning salon employees´ awareness and knowledge about the prevention of malignant melanoma 99-105pl,en  add to cart
  Agnieszka Dana, Paulina Gadecka, Ryszard Glinka
●  The effect of silicone derivatives with a high degree of ethoxylation on performance properties of shampoos 106-118pl,en  add to cart
  Marian W. Sułek, Małgorzata Zięba
●  Effect of oil extract of marigold on rheological parameters and pharmaceutical availability of morphine hydrochloride from model ointments 119-128pl,en  add to cart
  Grażyna Samczewska
●  Assessment of the effect of applied vehicle on the process of release of bearberry extract components from semisolid bleaching preparations applied on skin 129-138pl,en  add to cart
  Magdalena Piechota-Urbańska, Wiktor Urbański, Justyna Kołodziejska, Grażyna Samczewska, Aneta Berner-Strzelczyk
●  Comparative studies of antioxidative properties of selected vegetable oils applied in cosmetology by using EPR spectroscopy technique 139-146pl,en  add to cart
  Sławomir Wilczyński, Marta Wiewióra, Anna Deda, Magdalena Zdybel