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Sunday, 14.07.2024
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© Pol J Cosmetol 2013, 16(2)

Review papers
●  Royal jelly - application in cosmetics 80-84pl  add to cart
  Emilia Bartosiuk, Maria H. Borawska
●  The role of hydroxyacids in cosmetics 85-92pl  add to cart
  Agnieszka Feliczak-Guzik, Katarzyna Jagodzińska, Izabela Nowak
●  Aplication aspects of selected polyoses containing glucose derivatives 93-97pl  add to cart
  Wacława Marcoin, Zofia Dzierżewicz
●  Natural aromatic substances originated from animals 98-102pl  add to cart
  Natalia Papaja, Magdalena M. Rost-Roszkowska
●  Magnesium in health care and beauty 103-108pl  add to cart
  Halina Zaporowska, Rafał Szymanowski
●  Trace elements delaying skin aging process: silicon, manganese and copper 109-117pl  add to cart
  Halina Zaporowska, Rafał Szymanowski
●  Molecular mechanisms of skin aging and methods of protection 118-125pl  add to cart
  Mirosław Sopel
●  Vegetable oils in cosmetics of ancient Egypt 126-130pl  add to cart
  Marzena Glinka, Ryszard Glinka
●  The use of autologous tissue in aesthetic medicine, dermatosurgery and cosmetology 131-136pl  add to cart
  Arleta Szymańska, Gniewomir Latacz, Katarzyna Kieć-Kononowicz

Original papers
●  The compounds of substitutes of high quality oriental perfumes determined by technique GC/MS. Part I. Perfumes intended for women 137-149pl  add to cart
  Karolina Boryna, Wiktor Wesołowski, Joanna Borowiecka
●  Effect of magnetic field upon selected cosmetic creams 150-153en  add to cart
  Klaudia Zamiatała, Jerzy Domański, Magdalena Krystyjan, Piotr Tomasik
●  Alizarin pigments - synthesis and properties 154-157pl  add to cart
  Zygmunt Boruszczak
●  Application of onion skins Allium cepa for human hair dyeing 158-162pl,en  add to cart
  Zygmunt Boruszczak
●  Role of sensory signs in the evaluation of new products as an example of natural cosmetics Natural Cosmetics Laboratory Farmona 163-167pl  add to cart
  Joanna Płocica, Paweł Turek, Wiesław Figiel, Barbara Tal-Figiel